Secure Path
Secure Path:
Unlocking the Full Potential of Digital Assets

Secure Path is the primary North American ISAN Registration Agency and the only full service content identification and metadata services company on the continent. Founded in Los Angeles in 2005, the company provides digital media asset registration and data management solutions for the media and adult entertainment industry, including every MPAA film studio, television networks, and independent producers, such as OnlyFans creators.

Our groundbreaking Secure Path technology platform eliminates many of the digital distribution challenges faced by the media and entertainment industry by enabling centralized data management, distribution, analytics and reporting across the digital media supply chain.

For Content Creators

As a Content Provider, you want to increase profits from your original content by leveraging the rapid expansion of new distribution channels.

Your content and its associated data are managed within disparate, stand-alone systems, requiring significant investment to access and effectively manage the information you need.

You need a solution that allows you to generate and manage centrally located data records and obtain reporting and performance analytics from your distribution outpoints.

Our content protection platform is compatible with the most popular online platforms, including OnlyFans, JustFor.Fans, XXX Fans and more.

As an added feature, you can easily label your content with the RTA Label as well.

Your solution is Secure Path.

For Resource Providers

As a Resource Provider, such as a television listing or consumer ratings service, anti-piracy group or online search engine, you want a searchable, platform independent solution which provides unlimited access to your unique data resources and intellectual property libraries.

You want to grow and maximize your data resource services to provide a solution that decreases internal development costs and operational overhead.

Your need to offer your media and business customers the automated services of data replication, transformation, and syndication in a single, centralized application.

Your solution is Secure Path.

For Metadata Consumers

As a Metadata Consumer, such as an online music or movie site, digital broadcaster, mobile application, or game distributor, your existing distribution channels require significant overhead resources to manually collect and format metadata.

Your segregated, non-standardized data reporting systems prevent you from taking advantage of revenue opportunities in the digital media supply chain.

You need a streamlined, cost-effective and scalable solution that merges your business requirements with customer demands for data distribution and consumption.

Your solution is Secure Path.